Hello Ma’am

Good morning ma’am

Hi ma’am

Thanks ma’am

Adios ma’am

Have a great day ma’am

This is for my fellow females out there.

Is it me or is someone else out there freaked out when addressed as a ma’am😂.

Let’s check the dictionary meaning before freaking out.

1. A contracted form of madam(chiefly used as a form of address).

So lets check meaning for ‘madam’

2. polite form of address for a woman or lady. – Hmmm this I like.

3. The mistress of a household. – not so sure about this one.

4. (colloquial) A conceited or quarrelsome girl – choiii, no words.

5. (slang) A woman who runs a brothel, particularly one that specializes in finding prostitutes for rich and important clients. – Haba, no no no 👎.

Do I look like a ma’am? Or is there a ma’am look I’m not aware of? Anyway, I love being called that. But please note, this is not an invite to dismiss me as a ma’am. I can smell your sarcasm from a 100 miles away.

Straight out of 🇳🇬 ma’am!


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